Returning Your Instrument

Are you thinking about returning your rental instrument for the Summer? for good? Before you decide, please consider this:

With each payment made, you’ve been building equity in your child’s musical instrument. 100% of the Base Rent paid has been automatically applied toward the purchase. Thus, you will eventually own your instrument if your payments are continued.

For example, if your monthly Base Rent is $20 and you’ve made 12 payments, you’ve accumulated $240.00 in rent credit. In many cases, that’s over a third of the purchase price!

Many parents consider returning now because the Summer months include a break from musical instruction (through school programs and/or private lessons). The same number of parents, however, do not realize that returning the instrument cancels the rental agreement and all rent credit or equity is lost. Consequently, a new rental agreement must be established when students return to their music programs in the Fall. Is your child expressing an interest in music education for next year? ASK NOW BEFORE YOU RETURN!

Rent your band instrument

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